Please be aware (review/opinion/reference) -> seller on ebay adamsmoltz89 and gascomputersplus are the same person -> and he tries to cheat you.

Everyone be aware this person is trying to cheat you if you buy anything.

He closed accounts after he sold you anything and promised to send most cool thing than you ordered if you close the case on ebay/paypal. Please do not do that — demand your money back.

My story is:

I tried to buy laptop on -> i found not bad laptop for not so much money, Dell e7440 (core i5/4th gen/8gb/256 ssd) it was about 215 usd and i suggest 195 and seller agreed deal. So i paid 195 usd + 90 for delivery to Russia. And i was waiting…

Seller provide tracking number — where my «stuff» was stuck in transit.

I was waiting more than 20 days and of course i asked question of seller where my stuff? He told me story he called to local post office to search parcell and make a refund for delivery. But i ordered in adamsmoltz89  store -> but i’ve got answer from gascomputersplus account. I thought it is interested but ignored it (he just close accounts — maybe he has more than 2 on ebay — to avoid any negative feedbacks).

Then after 10 days again (maybe less) — i requested update and he suggested me to close case in ebay and he made me choice — what i would like prefer — touch screen or core i7 CPU for that (and delivery for me is free).

So here i understood it is cheat and involve eBay in my claim. So ebay requested valid track number and didn’t get it for couple day and made me full refund.

Please be aware.

BR Alex.


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